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Let's Talk Home Staging-

Everyone these days is claiming to "stage homes" but are you really getting what you are paying for? Luckily for you we are getting straight to the point.....

BUYER BEWARE..... Did you know that your Realtor that STAGES FOR FREE* actually increases their commission by roughly 1% to stage your home.... So lets say your home is priced for $350,000 that's $3,500 you are paying for your staging.... now, granted it will come out of closing costs which has it's advantages if you cannot afford the staging costs up front, but you are most likely spending MUCH more on staging then you should be. Our full day staging prices for VACANT homes start at $950. You then are charged a monthly rental fee for the items in your home, so YOU can be in charge of exactly what you are spending on staging! 90% of our staged homes sell with in two months! So we’ll let you do the math.... we promise it’s much less then 1% just give us a call we’ll give you a free staging proposal with in 24 hours!

Not vacant? No two houses are the same, we understand that and we work with in a budget, even if you currently live in your home and just need some accent pieces and sprucing up! We work with what you have! The SAVINGS are HUGE!Anyone can "Stage" a home..... well yes, that is technically true, however is your Realtor or "Stager" certified? Do they have design experience? Or did they throw some household items together to fill a space? Staging is an art and not everyone has the talent. Items are strategically placed in our homes to allow potential buyers connect with the space and envision themselves living there.... anyone can draw but does that make you an artist?!? We urge you to look at the portfolio, it will speak volumes!Lux Reveal is Licensed and Certified Home Staging and Design Business. We pride ourselves on making homes beautiful, it's our specialty. We have the experience, we have the talent, and we are not cookie cutter, what works in another's home may not work in yours. We design for each space and budget individually!

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