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Lux Reveal believes that successful staging is the art of using marketing and design techniques to create an environment that buyers can “aspire” to.  “If I buy this house, I can live like this.”  At Lux Reveal we use the art of “positioning” to create several “emotional connection points” throughout the home so that when a buyer steps into the house they “feel home.”  This is it.  This is the one. 


What does “feeling home” look like?  For Lux Reveal, it’s a combination of eight things we analyze in each room to create a lasting impression for the homebuyer:


First Impressions - We will walk through your home room by room, taking note of our first impressions, what grabs us, what glares at us, and what gives us a feeling of home.


Eliminating Clutter - The packing starts now, as we pack away a good percentage of everything in the room in order to create a more clean, open and spacious feel.


Emphasizing the positive while downplaying the negative - Finding your beautiful focal points, we will emphasize what we love about the room and hide or distract the negative aspects of the rooms.


Lighten Up - Focusing on lighting and color, we will make each room into a bright, warm and inviting space buyers can respond to.


Home Buyer’s Appeal - For a buyer to “feel home,” they need to not be reminded of this being your home.  We’ll depersonalize the space while retaining the warmth and fun of photos.


Obligations - Cleaning and repairs - The dirty work speaks for itself but is often overlooked because you’ve lived here for so long.  Let’s get rid of the buyer’s mental repair list by doing it ourselves.


Modernizing - This involves updating your style and building simple accessories out of what you already have to create clean lines and form.  In some cases, we’ll recommend purchases as valuable investments in the staging process.


Emotional Connection Points - Creating the “Wow Factor” - This is the fun part and is a huge focus of our positioning strategy.  We’ll show you how to build in these subtleties in order to make the buyers subconsciously desire to live here and “feel home.”  The “emotional connection points” are where marketing strategy really comes in to play.


We are eight critical steps away from selling your home quickly and for the most money possible!  We’ll start the process in our consultation by having you put on “buyer’s eyes” as a first step in transforming your home into what home buyers will fall in love with.

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